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Message from the Fung Ping Shan Librarian

As one of the most notable East Asian collections, our Library would not have made it without the profound enthusiasm of the late Mr Fung Ping Shan and remitting efforts of many former librarians as well as senior colleagues. On the eve of our 90th anniversary, I would like to express my indebtedness to members of the Sir Kenneth Fung Ping Fan Foundation Trust for their generous support to our celebrative events next year. The benevolence of Mr Fung Ping Shan and hard work of my fellow colleagues are instrumental to the successful establishment of our Programme Planning Committee. Hardly can I describe my gratefulness to the professors, alumni and teachers from the School of Chinese and former Fung Ping Shan Librarians who have kindly agreed to serve as committee members or advisors.


Reminiscing to when I first joined the Library during its rapid development stages, the collections and services were gradually diversifying. More resource building and sharing was initiated with libraries in Mainland China and around the world. Reflecting on the drastic changes brought about by globalization and information technology in recent years, the role of libraries has also evolved tremendously. We dare not neglect how we can demonstrate the value of this library while keeping abreast with the latest developments of the world. Sincerely I hope that you can lend us your unfailing support and valuable advice. Please be our guests in the upcoming celebration events and our companion on the journey towards the centenary.



Dr. Mei Wa Esther Woo

12th December, 2021

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