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Historical milestones


Major donations

Teachers in HKU 

陳君葆先生  Mr. CHAN Kwan-po

羅香林教授  Prof. LO Hsiang-lin

羅忼烈教授  Prof. LUO Kanglie

簡麗冰博士  Dr. KAN Lai Bing

趙令揚教授  Prof. CHIU Ling Yeong

張曼儀博士  Dr. Mary M.Y. Fung

黎活仁博士  Dr. LAI W.Y. 

馬楚堅博士  Dr. MA C.K. 

何貴初博士  Dr. HO K.C.

陳遠止博士  Dr. CHAN Y.C.

李啟文博士  Dr. Clement K. M. Lee

李培德博士  Dr. LEE Pui Tak

HKU Alumni

馮秉芬爵士  Sir Kenneth FUNG Ping Fan

馮秉華先生  Mr. FUNG Ping Wah

馮炳祥先生  Mr. FUNG Ping Cheung

杜秩明女士  Madam TO Tit Ming

News clipping of Fung Ping Shan Library Opening Ceremony

The plate commemorating the donation of the Chinese Encyclopaedia Tu Shu Chi Cheng from the late Governor Sir Cecil Clement

The plaque commemorating the donation of Dr Wong Mo Hon

Books of ancient seals in Dr Lee Cho Yau’s collection

Reprint of Chinese Rare Book Series as a gift from the Chinese Government

Artefacts of a number one scholar namely Wu Lu in a highest imperial examination

Dr Luo Zhen Fu Collection

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